Us Lately.

Remember when blogs used to be like journaling where you'd just talk about things you've been doing? I miss that so occasionally I'm going to go back to my roots and tell you all of the monotonous details of my daily life and family that you never wanted to know. You're welcome. 

So, we live in California now, in case you didn't catch that in a previous post. We live here permanently since we decided to not go anywhere romantic like DC or London or anywhere else. We are still staying with Jared's parents for a few more months, who are unbelievably accommodating of two absolutely feral children and their parents.
We helped Larry and Diane redo their back patio and we attached little swings to one of the beams for the kids. We play out there a lot swinging, spraying the hose, and writing with sidewalk chalk.

The little ones are still cute. Lucy poops most days now, which is about the best thing that has happened to this family since Solomon was born.

Her job was to feed the chickens and the dog every day and she got paid $3/week for her work (which she would subsequently blow every weekend at the dollar store). She would gather the eggs from the hen house, bring them inside and promptly make her own scrambled eggs using a step stool.

Lucy making scrambled eggs. 

The other day she got a little bit a head of me to feed the chickens, which are way in the back of my in-laws' property. She yelled for me to open the coop up for her and as I walked over to her, I looked down and saw the BIGGEST rattlesnake I've ever seen next to her leg, it's head up and tongue out looking at me. I screamed for her to run and she did and luckily that thing didn't bite her.

It was probably the scariest thing that's happened to either of my kids (for me), although Solomon almost drowning multiple times is a close second. It was really frightening to have something like that happen while I was right next to her and to know that there was very little that I could do. Plus, my instincts weren't that great, which was also really depressing to me. Luckily, Lucy didn't even see the snake so she thought the whole thing was quite exciting. Still she doesn't want to feed the chickens any more, but she does feed the dog (after a lot of whining).

Brian, Jared's brother who does videography, is always filming new videos for my business that I always look like a moron in, but look great otherwise. I really hate being on camera. 

Lucy is also in a gymnastics class that is surprisingly intense for a three year-old, which I kind of love. She is so focused on getting her hands and feet in the right place that quite often she forgets to move, which is adorable. She is always trying to work out the drama between the other girls in the class and her bum cheek is always hanging out of her leo.

She still says a lot of funny things and she seems to feel like a 40 year-old woman trapped in a three year-old body.

Sometimes after the library I'll take the kids to this cupcake shop that won on Cupcake Wars a little while ago. They just fight over the chocolate milk the whole time. They seem to fight over everything now, but they are also best friends. Every time Lucy sees Solomon she runs up and in the most adult-talking-to-a-little-kid-condescending-voice she says, "IS THAT MY GOOCHIE BOY?!! HELLO MY GOOCHIE BOY. LET ME SEE THOSE CHUNKY LEGS!" She then proceeds to squeeze them while Solomon tries to push her away. But he's just playing hard to get. 

Solomon tries to make out with everyone all the time with his open mouth kisses and he pretty much only makes animal noises, no words. He grunts and growls a lot, makes chicken, monkey, cat, dinosaur and dog noises and some truck noises. He cuddles a plastic, toy truck at night and refuses to hold stuffed animals.

He still sleeps about 5-6 hours a day and 12 hours at night, which is the only thing keeping him alive. When he is awake, he's just running at things and trying to break things, but he is real cute about it so we don't mind most of the time. Plus, he gives a lot of kisses to make up for it. He also likes to have books read to him and will sometimes sleep with a book rather than his toy truck.

We love going to the YMCA here. It's really nice and has two pools and a kiddie club so Jared and I can pump iron and watch HGTV while the kids play. Last time I took the kids swimming, the lifeguard approached me and said this of Solomon, "It's like he WANTS to die." Such is life these days.

Solomon's speedo/swim diaper that he sports at the pool each week.


Hailey said...

haha love that last one!

Marie said...

I love the more thorough update! Thanks! My heart rate is still up from the rattlesnake story. How are we supposed let our kids do anything with those kinds of threats?! Love you guys!

Ashley said...

I LOVED this post. Your kids are adorable and I laughed out loud several times.

It's so fun to hear real life, I think. Wish more blogs were like this!

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

I could not image to better start my week, but reading this. you guys are incredible and despite you, feeling like a moron on video, which I am sure is not the case, I would love to see one of your weeks catched on film. lots of love from berlin!

nomadic gnome said...

Sol sleeps so much, lucky! Sounds like he plays hard when he's up, maybe we should teach Henry to run around and break stuff and he'd sleep more. :)

Glad everyone survived rattlegate. The fact that you are both alive right now means you are a great mom with great instincts. I would have frozen up and tripped or something, for sure.

Aubrey said...

I love this update. And that last picture of Solomon is hilarious.

Marisa M said...

Love the update! So funny what the lifeguard said!

Elle Keeps Moving said...

@ashley: thanks so much! i think it's funny how carried away most blogs (including my own) get now...it's like we forget to just talk sometimes. :)

@annton: i have been thinking of the same thing! i would love to see that of someone else's family as well... xo

@nomadic gnome: i did freeze up and my instincts do stink. :(

kylie said...

yay for videographers! :) :)